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Ready to Order?

$100 per hour of audio | Uploading is free of charge 

*Please note that the file uploader only accepts .txt files. Alternatively, you may email in-text only (no attached files) to


Over 150 voices within our library ready to be the perfect match for your book.

Authentic Voices

Intonation, inflection, punctuation monitoring, and emotional nuances with every voice.

Risk-Free Chapter

If you are not completely satisfied with your first chapter, we will refund your first chapter.

Spot Treatment

Updated your book?  Returning customer? Only pay for the changes of your new edition.

Organic Promotion

Your audiobook is discoverable by every Nova listener!

Secure Your Stories

Only the best watermark security for you audiobook.

Your Audio Rights

Your book, your audiobook. As the way it should always be.

Spotlight on Success

Every audiobook gets its own featured article on our website.


If you wish for a free sample of how your book may sound, please send us up to 500 characters of your book to  No files attachment, provide book title and author's name. 

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