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Our Single Voice Narration Service

Voice Library 

Tailored voices for your story

Bring your stories to life with the perfect voice! Our unique program dives into the heart of your narrative, understanding its background and context to handpick the best match from our diverse library of over 150 voices. Experience a tailored, vibrant storytelling journey that feels just right.

Authentic Voices

Voices that you and listeners will care about

Experience storytelling with a heart! Our voices aren’t just high-quality; they’re crafted with care, blending perfect intonation, inflection, and cadence. We monitor punctuation and emotional nuances to ensure every word resonates with feeling. Dive into stories that sound just as passionate as they are penned, all thanks to our meticulous attention to the finer details of speech. Get ready to listen to voices that truly speak to you!

Affordable Audio Magic

Expand your Story's Reach

Unlock the sound of your stories without breaking the bank! Our affordable audio solutions beat traditional studio prices, making it easier than ever for authors to bring their books to life. With our low-cost options, you can reach a wider audience and let more listeners appreciate the magic of your writing. Experience high-quality storytelling that’s accessible to all, and watch your audience grow!

Create My Audiobook!

Pick your Narrators

Choose the perfect voices for your story with our streamlined program. From our expansive library, we present potential master narrators and main narrators that best match your story's context and background. The master narrator will bring your preface, outro, and chapter titles to life, while the main narrator carries the core of your narrative. You have the final say—pick the voices that resonate most with you and transform your text into a captivating audio experience. No payment necessary!

Spot Treatment

We understand that even minor updates to your book shouldn't mean major expenses. That's why we offer spot treatment for all returning customers. If you make updates to your book, you'll only pay for the changes you need. It's our way of ensuring your audio book stays current without the cost of a full re-generation. Stay up-to-date easily and affordably with our flexible service!

Risk-Free Chapter

After payment, our commitment to your satisfaction continues. We’ll generate a sample chapter using your selected voices, giving you a firsthand feel for how your story will be brought to life. If you’re not completely satisfied, we offer a refund, ensuring that you feel confident and content with your audio experience. It’s risk-free storytelling at its finest!

80% Royalties with Nova’s Platform

When you produce an audiobook with us, we not only showcase it on Nova's platform but also ensure you benefit greatly from your creative work. Enjoy a competitive 80 percent royalty rate as an author! We believe in supporting your success and expanding your reach while you earn substantially from your passion. See your stories soar and profits pour in!

free sample

Send us up to 500 characters of your book to for a FREE AUDIO SAMPLE of how your book may sound. 

No files attachment, provide book title and author's name. 

Organic Promotion

With Nova, the release of your audiobook is just the beginning. We feature every title on our website, and each audiobook invites listeners to visit Nova for more captivating reads. This integrated promotion strategy ensures that every listener's journey doesn’t end with the last page but continues as they discover more of Nova narrated audiobooks.

Your Audio Rights

Unlock the potential of your audiobook with Nova’s unique dual-platform strategy. While we proudly feature your work on the Nova platform to enhance its reach, you remain free to distribute and sell your audiobook across any other channels you desire. This not only increases your exposure but also puts you in control of your distribution strategy, making every sale an opportunity for success.

Secure Your Stories with Confidence

Feel secure with every story you share! Our audiobooks come equipped with advanced watermarking, thanks to our partnership with a premier third-party service. This technology protects your audiobook by embedding a unique watermark, allowing you to identify and prove ownership should it ever be pirated. With this safeguard, you can trace any unauthorized copies back to their source, ensuring your work remains protected and recognized as your own.

Spotlight on Success: Feature Your Book and Story

Get your story the spotlight it deserves! When you choose to work with us, we don’t just bring your book to life through audio—we celebrate it. Enjoy a featured article about your book on our website, which can also be highlighted in our newsletter. It’s a fantastic way to connect with a broader audience and share more about the passion behind your pages. Let us help you tell the world about your work!


Enjoy premium audio production for only $100 per produced hour. Get exceptional value for every hour of audio produced, ensuring your story is heard exactly as you envisioned.  

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